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Fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a gummy bear by eating honey and escaping the Arts&Crafts island before you completely deflate! Fill yourself up with honey before leaving, but beware, doing that makes you bigger, slower, and makes the bees more aggressive.

Made during NAD Creative Jam #13
Theme:  Evasion
Technical challenge: Adaptive difficulty

WASD = move
spacebar = jump / double-jump
shift = roll boost

Xbox Controller:
joysticks = move
A = jump / double-jump
X or B = roll boost
shoulder buttons = reset camera

Nicky Argiropoulos (programming)
Gabriel Fleury (game/level design, programming)
Minh-Quan Le (animations, materials)
Michael Shelton (characters, concept art)
Cindy Ou (modeling, level art)


BearlyThere_02.zip 292 MB


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This game was really fun, we think we encountered a bug tho, we would get the honey, and it would bring us to 95 or 100, but a relaunch of the game only had us gain maybe 20 points each time, definitely a fun game with potential!!