A downloadable game for Windows

Post-gamejam update released! Check Alpha 1.00!
Win above all costs by destroying the ice, pushing and pulling opponents, or locking them behind a wall! Weapons get less effective after each shot so swap for a new one often. Try to trap your opponent in the holes you create!

Made during NAD Creative Jam #15
Best Art Direction Winner

  • Theme:  Strategy
  • Technical challenge: The more you use an action, the worse it performs


  • Gabriel Fleury (game design, programming)
  • Sandrine Déry (art)
  • David Marquis (art)
  • Gabrielle Hunter (art)
  • Nathan Sioui (art)
  • Pierre-Alexis Bouquin (art)
  • Frédérik White (music/sfx)


IceIceMoney - Alpha 1.00 (CURRENT) 122 MB
IceIceMoney - GamejamVersion (OLD) 250 MB

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