A downloadable game for Windows

No Pressure is a short first-person game where you climb and graffiti the walls to impress the crew!

Compatible with KB+Mouse or Xbox controller.

  • KB+Mouse:
    • Spacebar = vault, get on ladders
    • Left click = tag
    • E = interact
  • Xbox controller:
    • A = vault, get on ladders
    • Y = tag
    • X = interact

If you have trouble getting a stable framerate, try lowering some settings :(

Student project made in 2019.
We made the levels after exploring similar buildings in Montreal.

  • Gabriel Fleury - Game Design, Level Design, Programming, Narrative Design
  • Vincent Gagnon - Level Design, Narrative Design
  • Élise Beausoleil-Chartrand - Character Modeling, Animation, Environment Art
  • Benaissa Benchaa - Environment Art
  • Nicholas Blaise Hétu - Special Effects, Environment Art
  • Adam Chaouki - Environment Art, Tech Art, Concept Art
  • Maude Côté - Level Art, Environment Art
  • Laurence Desrosiers - Environment Art
  • Ioana Dumitrache - Environment Art
  • Jérémy Guerrier - Tech Art
  • Patrick Racine - Animation, Lighting
  • Inés Setbel - Environment Art, Lighting
  • Alexandre Tomasino - Character Modeling, Environment Art
  • Dorian Verhaegen - Concept Art
  • Special thanks to Manu Boucher for music, sound design


NoPressure.zip 1,007 MB


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but add a free mode and custom graffiti PLS after you join the hideout you should be able to tag fright trains passenger trains and also on the roads

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really good atl thanks to the game ya know this should be on steam you can mke it free on there but you should opload this game on steam

Hi, I've made a video about the game and wanted to leave some feedback about it herem hopefully it is useful for you :D

-The main concept, history context, visual style and gameplay mechanincs are quite well thought and combine very well, this ends up in a very great experience in general.

-But, somethings could be improved a little bit, making a graffiti with just one click feels strange, maybe adding a simple minigame where you have to move the cursor on a especific zone could be great to make it feel more organic.

-When the cops arrive if you fail it would be great to add an animation about it or something to make it feel more organic than just getting a "mission failed" screen.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thank you! Originally we had bigger plans for both the graffiti mechanic and the police timer, but we had to cut it to meet the deadline. There are many other ideas that I hope we can take further in another project, we'll see!

You're welcome :D Good luck with your future developments :)

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so cool